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Located in downtown Rocky Mount, Prime Smokehouse offers a menu of what it calls “Barbecue and Beyond.” Beyond refers to fish & grits, grilled steaks, meal-size salads, and a wide variety of southern side dishes. We love the barbecue, which includes ribs, pulled pork, sausage links, and chicken. And dessert is not to be missed. Choose from among signature sweet potato pie, peach cobbler with butter crust, and spiced bread pudding with caramel sauce — served warm with a scoop of fine vanilla ice cream on top.

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What To Eat

ribs & bbq

spiced bread pudding

Macaroni & Cheese

Orange Ginger Yams


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Ken Guarino

July 14th, 2015

The Prime Smokehouse is in a non-descript building in downtown Rocky Mount. The interior tells a different story – spacious, bright, separate bar and dining area, and cool jazz music playing through the speakers.

The menu had a wide variety of options. I was there for lunch and had the two-meat platter, opting for rib and bbq served with cornbread, plus cole slaw and macaroni and cheese as the sides.

The mac & cheese was very cheesy, but still held together nicely, the cornbread was firm and moist. The cole slaw had a nice fresh taste and I found out it is made with a hint of horseradish. The vinegar sauce for the bbq was stated in the menu as being spicy. I found it not spicy at all, as it had a nice not-too-strong vinegar bite. The ribs had a strong smoky flavor (hickory and cherry is used), but was not overpowering, you could still taste the meat.

For dessert I had the (warm) spiced bread pudding, served with gelato. Usually these desserts come with that one small scoop of gelato or ice cream, this had three; there was enough for each bite of pudding. The main meal was great, but I would have been happy had I just ordered dessert.

All was washed down with sweet tea. Not sickening sweet, and tasted fresh brewed.


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