Prause’s Meat Market

Review by: Michael Stern

*This market is permanently closed*

Prause’s primarily is a meat market, not a full-service restaurant. But it is a great place to eat. If you like barbecue, it is a must! Any day at lunch, find a place in the line that snakes under a wall covered with animal heads and feel your appetite mount as the aroma of warm beef fills the air.

Order meat by the pound (for brisket) or by the link (sausage). Beef is cut to order on the butcher block in the front room, which really is the market selling raw meat to cook-at-home customers. Sausage links and sliced brisket are arranged on a thick cardboard plate; and both are so juicy that no barbecue sauce is wanted. On the side you get white bread and/or saltine crackers. After waiting in line to get this prize meal, carry it yourself to the back room, stopping, if necessary, to grab some plastic silverware. (Most customers eat with fingers.)

The back room is outfitted with communal tables so that diners can sit elbow to elbow and gnaw away. Overhead, a spillover of game trophies from the front room looks down: suitable decoration for a room full of happy carnivores.

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Doug Herbert

May 18th, 2023

Prause’s closed in 2020.



October 13th, 2005

Every couple of years, I shoot down to Fayette county to visit family. Each time, I stop by Prause’s on a random weekday at lunchtime, order a couple of links of sausage and a thick slice of brisket. I make my way to the back room filled with picnic style tables and find myself a seat. Now, don’t get me wrong, the meat is as good as it gets, but that pepper sauce? Man-o-man alive!

Just make sure you get plenty of napkins and a heavy handful of saltines. It truly doesn’t get better. The atmosphere is simply… home…

On my way out, I browse the glass counters filled with the best meats within 200 miles and order 20 lbs of raw links to fly back home. I really try to make it last, but when friends drop by at dinner and get a whif of this stuff cooking? Let’s just say, it doesn’t last around Eastern Washington State for more than a month or so.


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