Bertie County Peanuts

Review by: Michael Stern

We went to Bertie County to eat great barbecue – which we did – but while there, we also came across some beautiful peanuts. North of Windsor on Route 1 is a decades-old farm supply and feed store that has also been processing peanuts since 1915. Several decades back, “Papa Jack” Powell started roasting them for visitors to the warehouse; and around the turn of the 21st century his family started selling them. Bertie County peanuts are the best.

The specialty is “blister-fried nuts,” which are boiled, then immersed in hot oil while still wet so they develop a wicked crunch. We know of few better munchies, with or without cocktails! From these big, plump jumbos, are made chocolate-covered peanuts, which are unspeakably delicious, as well as butterscotch peanuts and peanut brittle. Also available are burlap bags full of roasted-in-the shell peanuts and shelled redskins.

While we’d never discourage anyone from traveling to northeastern North Carolina – for the food, the fishing, the natural beauty – you needn’t do so to get your hands on these superior nuts. Bertie County Peanuts is all set up to mail-order everything they make (except for chocolate peanuts in the hot summer months). Printed catalogs are available, and everything is listed on their website.

What To Eat

Chocolate Peanuts (9-ounce jar)

Roasted Peanuts (2 pounds)


Bertie County Peanuts Recipes


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Lynne Ezzell

June 12th, 2012

I grew up eating peanuts in Bertie County. Imagine my excitement when I found their products for sale here in the middle of NC! Everything they make is great. Personal favorites are the Weeping Mary Ghost Pepper peanuts and the ones dressed with black pepper and sea salt.

The good thing is you can mail-order from anywhere in the country. But if you are in the area it is well worth stopping by to see a slice of eastern North Carolina farm life and sample some wonderful peanuts. Careful, though, they are addictive and the jar will be empty before you know it. While there pick up a bag of raw peanuts to take home. Oven-roasted plain peanuts are a huge treat for those who love peanuts!


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