Porkchop & Co.

Review by: Jane Stern

I was not prepared for how smitten I would be with Porkchop & Co. Truth be told, I was all set to hate it: too trendy, too much kale, too many names of produce purveyors.

But as often happens with people you get to know and like, Porkchop & Co. soon nullified my assumptions. How did this happen? The food is very, very good.

Porkchop & Co. is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and happy hour as well). My first visit was for breakfast, and because I was geared to hate the place, the first thing I ordered was a side of grits just to prove a point. Good grits are hard to make, they need long slow cooking and balanced seasoning. These (Anson Mill) cheese grits were some of the best I ever had. My wall of hate was starting to crumble.

Next I ordered Porkchop Deluxxe. An enormous chop topped with gravy and sunnyside up eggs, with kale and a biscuit. I scraped the kale to the side and very much enjoyed everything else. The pork chop (as one might expect from a restaurant with this name) was terrific.

I decided to stick with pork for everything I ate. I will sometime try the Roasted Salmon Collars with Chimichurri sauce or the Smoked Beet Toasts (or maybe I won’t), but for now bring on the Pork Belly Hash, the Howard (citrus braised pork), and a down and dirty blackened pork chop.

I moved a great deal of kale and chard to the side, along with fermented everything, weird stuff like duck hearts and ramp relish. I concentrated on the excellent pork, the great grits and, yes, the amazing kale-free desserts like butterscotch pot de crème and a lovely olive oil cake with stewed cherries and a dab of ricotta.

If you love all the stuff I moved to the side of the plate, please go to dinner with me so I have a place to put it.

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Porkchop Deluxxe

Pork Belly Hash

Cheese Grits


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