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Review by: Jess Dawson

Pocketstone Cafe stands in the heart of Bigfork, Montana, which sits just off the impossibly clear Flathead Lake. The giant mountains rest in the distance, big Montana clouds floating overhead. At 8 AM on Saturday, there’s already a wait at Pocketstone: partly because it’s the only place open this early; partly because it’s so delicious.

We walk in to place our to-go order and are helped by Paulette, who is patient with us as she tends to others who seem to arrive by the minute, adding their name to the ever-growing list of hungry patrons.

The front case of goodies is all we need to be convinced that we definitely want to add to our order, and the raspberry scone is one of my favorites. It’s almost doughy it’s so soft and, as Paulette says, “fragile.” But Paulette also tells us that it’s a bit tangy and tart. She’s right. The raspberries and lemon zest frosting each bring different levels of tang, coupled with the sweet, doughy scone. This alone would be enough.

But of course, we order more. The cinnamon bun is a must. The sizable square confection is served with warm cream cheese frosting, just enough to complement every bite. The outside is a crunchy cinnamon shell; the inside a soft, sweet bun swirled with cinnamon. It’s huge and feels never-ending, but we manage. 

A short stack of Big Dave’s buttermilk pancakes, dubbed the “best pancakes in the galaxy” are moist and tender and riddled with blueberries.

On the savory side, we also get Ranchero scramble with cheddar, sausage, jalapeños, ranchero sauce and sour cream. Two thick slices of buttered rye make the meal truly formidable. But there’s one more addition: the Huevos Montana, which we make “macho” with jalapeños and sausage, because why not?

The owners started Pocketstone because they “thought Bigfork deserved a memorable place to have breakfast.” Mission accomplished. It has become a town and family favorite, heavy on hospitality and quality food. Since we weren’t staying for refills, Paulette only charged us for one coffee. Even though it could have been stronger, the gesture was what mattered.

What To Eat

Raspberry Scone

Cinnamon Bun

Ranchero Scramble

Heuvos Montana

Blueberry Pancakes


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