Plump’s Last Shot

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Enormous tenderloins, reaching out far beyond the bun that holds them, make Plump’s Last Shot a worthwhile Roadfood stop.

You might recognize Bobby Plump as the player from Milan who hit a last second shot to lift tiny Milan High School to victory over the Muncie Central Bearcats in a late 50s IHSAA Championship game. It’s the event that inspired the movie “Hoosiers.”

What should I eat at Plump’s Last Shot?

Plump’s is a little pub/restaurant in Broad Ripple. It feels like a “family room,” comfortable and conducive to good conversation. And the food matches up with the atmosphere. The Southern Poor Boy Hoagie has lots of BBQ pork; the nice, tangy sauce is sweet but not TOO sweet. The quesadillas are wonderful. The only downside we’ve encountered is that the onion rings appear to be frozen, not hand-battered, but to me that’s a minor thing.

The well-prepared food is served promptly by friendly people who are not overbearing or too familiar. Due to Indiana smoking laws, folks under 21 are not allowed on the premises. A nice touch: on the patio, folks are allowed, even encouraged, to bring their dogs with them while they dine outside.

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Breaded Tenderloin


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Pete Runnels

March 10th, 2015

Plump’s was on my tenderloin bucket list, but I ate there a couple months ago and now don’t have to go back. The tenderloin just didn’t impress me. It was big and thick; a good piece of meat, but that also made it pricier than usual. The breading was thin and kept falling off. The toppings were OK, but the bun was dry and a bit past prime. It’s definitely not a Top 5 in my experience, but it might scratch my Top 10 list on a good day. The service was good, but I think the ambience needs an upgrade.

It wasn’t such a bad experience that I would tell people not to go there, it just didn’t measure up to a tenderloin snob’s criteria. The meat itself was exceptional and you might want to try it for that reason. There are so many places to get a really good BPT in my area, there’s no reason for me to go back there.


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