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I’ve been to pieous before, back when it was in a slightly homier space just a few minutes away from its currently location, which is now a more sleek, modern space in the Belterra shopping center in Dripping Springs on the western edge Austin.

Both locations really leaned into chalkboard art to express their personality, which is evident in every corner of the restaurant. 

Everything here is made in house, from the dough and mozzarella to the smoked pastrami and sourdough. Co-owner Josh Kaner works with an over 20-year-old starter for his sourdough pizza crusts, and holds an authentic award for Italian pizza. This means he is a master at making and handling dough, preparing fresh ingredients, making cheese, and baking pizza in a wood-fired oven.

The pizzas are fired for 60-90 seconds in an oven that reaches 900 degrees. This allows pieous to turn out great pizza, yes, but also serve a lot of people. We arrived right before the rush on a Sunday, and there was a line out the door by the time we left.

A mixed leaf salad arrives on a silver pizza platter with a pyramid of fresh greens, soft mozzarella, sweet cherry tomatoes, and a balsamic dressing.

My favorite pizza: Brussels and Jam. I’m a sucker for anything with homemade jam, and this features a sweet-and-spicy house-made pepper marmalade. Pair that with roasted Brussels sprouts and house mozzarella and you’ve got a unique pie. Add bacon? Yes, of course.

The thin crust is chewy but sturdy enough to support all those delicious ingredients. Its blistered edges are too good to leave on the plate.

We also devise a few of our own combinations to top pies. First, a white number with fennel sausage and thinly sliced mushrooms. Bits of torn basil are fragrant and cut through the heavy sausage and cheese. Next, a meat lovers’ with pepperoni and sausage.

I’m kicking myself for not ordering the pastrami, though I’m not sure I would have had room. It’s cured in house for 20 days, then smoked for 14 hours before it’s served alongside a slice of fresh sourdough and whatever other accoutrements you might want (pickles, mustard, marinated onions).

The big, open space is family-style seating, and there are plenty of outdoor tables for when they weather cooperates. If there’s a big line, don’t turn around. It’ll go fast.

What To Eat

White Pizza

Green Salad

Meat Lover Pizza

Brussels and Jam Pizza


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