Pete’s Hot Dog Stand

Review by: Michael Stern

Old timers lament that Pete’s no longer serves locally-made Temple Hill wieners; like so much of Newburgh, the meat-packing plant that made them died. But the all-beef, natural-casing franks at this vintage dog house (since 1932) should not be dissed. They are big, snappy fellas, extending well beyond the bun, available with all sorts of toppings including NYC-style sautéed onions, bacon bits, and cheese. The two primary designs are chili-dogs. One is the classic Texas weiner (e-i) topped with fine-grind meat sauce, onions, and mustard; the other is smothered with chili that is a thick cinnabar emulsion of pulverized beans and a fair measure of heat.

Side dish? Potato chips by the bag. That’s all there is. While regular soda pop is available, to dine like a real Newburghian you’ll want to accompany your hot dogs by a carton of chocolate milk. It is the preferred beverage in many Hudson Valley hot dog shops.

Pete’s is a small shack where much business is take-out; there are a handful of tables inside and a couple of picnic tables in the parking lot.

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Texas Weiner

Chili Dog


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