Pat’s Colonial Kitchen

Small Town Café
Worth a detour

When we’re on the road, we enjoy spending our mornings at a town cafe where the locals meet, the sort of place open for breakfast and lunch only, a place where there’s no need for the waitress to introduce herself as she already knows all the customers. And also the kind of place where the food is good. Oddly though, we’d never found such a place near home. Until now, that is.

Pat’s Colonial Kitchen, in Newtown, is just such a local town cafe. A small restaurant with a country-crafty tea room decor, mismatched mugs, and homemade jam on the table, Pat’s shares an historic 19th-century building with other businesses. It seems to us that everyone eating there is a friend of the house. It’s not unusual to see a waitress sit down at a table for a few minutes to chat.

We love the French toast piled with pristine fresh blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. The syrup on the table is bogus, and we don’t know if the real thing is available, because we find that the thin, sweet strawberry jam on every table makes a superb topping for the fruited French toast. Eggs are served with chunky seasoned potatoes. All the local breakfast meats are available (for non-locals, that would be scrapple and pork roll). They know how to poach an egg if you’re in the mood for Benedict.

Not everything dazzles us (the coffee could be better, and as we noted above, real maple syrup would be welcome), but it is all satisfying. The small front room has some crafts and that homemade strawberry jam for sale.

What to Eat
Pat’s Colonial Kitchen, French Toast With Fruit
French Toast With Fruit
To gild this lily, pour on some of the homemade strawberry jam found on every table.
Pat’s Colonial Kitchen, Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict
Pat’s Colonial Kitchen, Scrapple
What's a breakfast in the Delaware Valley without some scrapple?
Pork Roll
Scrambled Eggs
Pat’s Colonial Kitchen, Butterscotch Pancakes
Butterscotch Pancakes
We enjoyed the butterscotch pancakes at first, but quickly grew tired of the overly sweet flavor. This novelty dish would be best split among several diners.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday7am - 2pm
Monday7am - 2pm
Tuesday7am - 2pm
Wednesday7am - 2pm
Thursday7am - 2pm
Friday7am - 2pm
Saturday7am - 2pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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