Park Place Liquor & Deli

Review by: Miranda Cilfone & Kris Masilamani

The lovely island of Coronado in San Diego is home to plenty of cafes and restaurants. A sit-down meal is always a great way to enjoy lunch, but sometimes takeout and a sandwich in the park is even better. Park Place Liquor & Deli, located in the heart of downtown Coronado, encourages quick ordering of sandwiches, grinders, and wraps to take down to the park, beach, or a nearby picnic table. While it may just seem to be a regular liquor store with a side-counter deli, it offers much more than that. When you arrive, a shop attendant will recommend the classics, favorites, and specialties; and the hard-working staff will whip up your order in no time at all.

Kicking off lunch with El Diablo jumpstarted our tastebuds. We were warned about its spice, but the flavor stood out above the heat. A combination of bacon, chicken, cheese, onions, and jalapeños along with a spicy tomato-based paste, this sandwich was a winner. Somehow all of the ingredients complemented each other for a sensation spice lovers will appreciate. Sandwiched between tasty ciabatta, this meal was a clear indication that this small deli really outdid itself.

Our other two sandwiches were starkly different from the first. An old fashioned turkey club on wheat was simple yet unique to Coronado. Available as a sandwich or wrap, it was made with both mayo and mustard. Plenty of sliced house roasted turkey came in the package, along with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, and fantastic avocado. Opting for a sandwich proved to be a great decision since the bread used was a thick-cut and grainy whole wheat with a natural and hearty taste.

Of course, being on the coast, we had to try a seafood option as well, so we dove into a Crab Avocado Sandwich on sourdough. Stuffed with fresh crab salad that wasn’t too heavy on the mayo, and very clearly made with whole crab meat, this sandwich was yet another reason why this deli was so remarkable. Again, the avocado was smooth, fresh and remarkably delightful mixed with the crab and making for a few-ingredients masterpiece.

We wish we could’ve eaten everything on the menu, but alas, the menu was just too complex for us. Luckily, we know if we’re ever back in the Coronado area, Park Place Liquor & Deli will be our first stop. Don’t miss out on this local hot spot; and be prepared to be blown away by anything and everything they prepare.

What To Eat

Crab Avocado on Sourdough

California Sandwhich

El Diablo


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