Papa Pete’s Snack Bar

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As seekers of regional food, we came to Papa Pete’s for its Michigan. In case you are not up on your tube steak etymology, know that a Michigan is a style of chili dog unique to the area around Plattsburg, New York (where, allegedly, it first was configured): a plump, little dog smothered with meaty sauce in a large, soft roll. Mustard and raw onions are traditional condiments. Papa Pete’s, a tiny summertime snack shack with a walk-up window and picnic-table accommodations, serves a beauty.

And there’s so much more: hand-fashioned hamburgers, made-here BBQ ribs and pulled pork on the weekends, poutine (it’s not far from Quebec), freshly baked rolls (!), and classic Vermont creemees.

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Papa Pete’s Snack Bar, Michigan
Mustard and onions are favorite complements for a Michigan.
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