Packard’s New American Kitchen

Review by: Sara Griffith Dawson

Passing through Oklahoma City on Saturday night, we made sure that our morning was wide open to grab a seat for brunch at Packard’s New American Kitchen. Located in the historical area of Midtown, it is contemporary and well lit, with large windows facing the street. Hints of the space’s original use as a 1920’s automobile showroom are sprinkled throughout, accentuating its connection to the surrounding historical buildings and community.

After ordering a round of locally brewed coffees and a few mimosa carafes, we dove into the diverse brunch menu. Many items are unique twists on otherwise simple breakfast dishes, such as crunchberry French toast and brisket hash.

A fried chicken biscuit is built on a biscuit that is a balance of moistness and texture ideal for soaking up flavors of bacon and fried chicken. Packard’s pimento cheese brings the combination a final kick. Combined with a side of fresh breakfast potatoes, this is a meal for those who want comfort-food flavor, but aren’t looking to be totally stuffed by the end of the meal.

Eggs cochon is two poached eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce covering a biscuit and pulled pork verde. Layering of the pork between the eggs and the biscuit offers nowhere for the juice and flavor of the pork to escape, except for into the biscuit itself. This creates a beautiful texture between all three layers, and the verde and hollandaise together are a truly amazing balance of very specific flavors. Sides of fruit and breakfast potatoes are the right complement. Eggs cochon is the dish to order if don’t want to be hungry between brunch and dinner.

I look forward to another visit to Oklahoma City, when a trip to Packard’s will definitely be on the itinerary. It is a fun and inviting brunch opportunity in one of the most colorful urban neighborhoods of the Southwest.

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Eggs Cochon

Fried Chicken Biscuit


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