Outdated Cafe

Small Town Café | Vegetarian
Worth a return

When you walk down Wall Street in Kingston and come upon Outdated, you’ll first notice a four-top on a platform through the front window. It’s a charming set-up, and just a hint of what’s to come inside. It’s a treasure trove of antique tables and chairs, knick knacks, mirrors, signs, baskets, Kennedy voting pins, 1950s party cups, and more. But before you dig in to all the eye candy, head to the front counter.

Outdated is a vegetarian cafe, “making a conscious effort to use all local and organic foods.” The menu is inventive, from huevos rancheros with pepita salsa to spicy tempeh Reubens to sweet potato pie shakes. The picture-perfect assortment of coffee, tea, and pastries make it hard to just pick one.

We visit Outdated for breakfast, and start with The Wicked One: Two over-medium eggs, creamy ranchero sauce, cheese, and jalapeños on thinly sliced sourdough. I appreciate the simplicity of the sandwich, which allows the ingredients to shine — especially the jalapeños, which are spicy but not overbearing (read: my eyes are not watering as I try to enjoy my breakfast).

We also get a single squash doughnut, which tastes like an upgraded pumpkin one: the deep earthy flavor is a bit richer, with clove and cinnamon to round it out. A thick sugary layer gives way to dense insides. It seems small, but ends up being just the right amount with a cup of hot coffee.

To round things out, we get the Edible Garden Salad with mesclun and micro greens, herbs, edible flowers, toasted almonds, seed croutons, pickled onions, and dates. The greens are fresh, the flowers beautiful, and the tart pickled onions play nicely with the sweet dates. The huge silver bowl is helpful for tossing everything together.

It was so toasty inside, I also got an iced matcha latte in spite of the 30-degree winds outside. There are patrons with laptops, mothers and babies, local policemen, and regulars. Antique shoppers filter through the shop, and it’s good to know everything is for sale, right down to the chair you’re sitting on. There’s even a small vintage clothing section downstairs, should you feel the need to try anything on.

What to Eat
Outdated Cafe, The Wicked One
The Wicked One
Thinly-sliced jalapeños and ranchero sauce give The Wicked One a kick.
Outdated Cafe, Squash Doughnut
Squash Doughnut
The sugary outside gives way to a dense squash doughnut (akin to pumpkin).
Outdated Cafe, Edible Garden Salad
Edible Garden Salad
Pickled onions and dates complement each other in the Edible Garden Salad.
Directions and Hours
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Sunday9am - 4pm
Monday8am - 4pm
Tuesday8am - 4pm
Wednesday8am - 4pm
Thursday8am - 4pm
Friday8am - 4pm
Saturday8am - 4pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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