Otoro Sushi

Review by: Miranda Cilfone & Kris Masilamani

Located in one of the quaintest downtown areas in San Francisco, Otoro Sushi is a quiet, tucked-away local restaurant with limited seating. Just a few staff members, a bustling sushi bar station, and a chalkboard full of specials. We knew this place was going to treat us well.

Diving into the seasonal market and everyday menu, we ordered a Golden Gate Roll, Otoro Roll, a Spicy Himache Roll and 2 pieces of Hirame Nigiri. Our Spicy Himache Roll was simple as we had expected, though the Yellowtail was raw (rather than a salad mixture), the mayo had a good kick and the rice was plentiful and packed tightly. The Hirame Nigiri was a bit small but we were impressed with the fresh taste and smooth texture of the sheer Halibut. Plus, this fish and a few others had been flown in from Japan, how neat!

The Golden Gate Roll was unique, stuffed with snow crab salad and avocado and topped with fresh salmon and whole lemon slices. The crab was smooth, the salmon was cut thick and the citrus flavor powered through the whole roll, especially since it was topped by pieces of rind. Rice was less plentiful in this roll, and in the Otoro Roll as well. However, the specialty roll named after the tiny establishment was packed with enough flavor that the rice was barely necessary. Spicy tuna, ripe avocado and bright yellow mango on top made for beautiful and exciting bites throughout. The mango had us off-put at first, but the texture resembled fresh fish and the taste was awesome when mixed with soy sauce!

San Francisco has plenty of sushi and Japanese cuisine eats to offer, but Otoro is serving up authentic, fresh and fantastic food Be sure to stop by and try the specialty rolls and daily market fish deals.

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Golden Gate and O-Toro Rolls

Hirame Nigiri

Spicy Himache Roll


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