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Review by: Michael Stern

It’s hard to imagine traveling up the commercial bonanza that is Route 7 through Fairfield County today that it used to be a farmland road. When Orem’s Diner opened in 1921, a drive in the country was a rare treat for city dwellers, who came this way past dairy cattle and chicken farms. All that has changed, and Orem’s log ago replaced its rickety old diner-self with spacious new quarters. But it still does what it has been doing now for close to a century. Here travelers find decent, well-price meals and local citizens come to chat and chew.

Today’s Orem’s is all chrome and faux marble. Enter and feast your eyes upon the bakery case with cakes galore and cookies the size of dinner plates. There is a counter up and to the left, booths on both sides, and a take-out station straight ahead. You can expect a crowd of customers just about any time after sunup.

What to eat at Orem’s Diner in Wilton, CT

Breakfast is served diner-fast and is diner-good: crusty hash browns to accompany eggs, big hot muffins, bowls of warm oatmeal, and plenty of refills for your coffee cup. For lunch and dinner, there are always a couple of good soups, some of the specialties being lentil, chicken-noodle, clam chowder, and split pea with hunky croutons. Like so many modern diners, the menu is far-reaching, from a whole page of Italian specialties to Greek gyros and chicken souvlaki on pita bread with a killer garlic cream condiment to corned beef with cabbage, classic blue-plate meat loaf, and sandwiches of all kinds. We like the open-face hot sandwiches – beef or turkey – which consist of tasty meat atop soft white bread sided by handsome drifts of mashed potatoes running rivers of gravy.

For dessert: cheesecake, Boston cream pie, or rice pudding.

What To Eat

hash brown potatoes


hot turkey sandwich




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2 Responses to “Orem’s Diner”

Luisa McGrath

April 16th, 2022

They are the swweetest. I always order by phone from the same gentleman and he really knows us by now. reat food and great service. We don’t live in Wilton anymore, but did live in Wilton about 30 years ago. Went to Orems then and have never stopped going to Orems. Lovely people and lovely food


Bob Walker

January 16th, 2011

Can’t add anything to Michael Stern’s excellent review from five-plus years ago. Orem’s is still THE place to go in the Wilton/Norwalk area for great Roadfood. The new quarters still dazzle in comparison to the old, which I frequented often as a Wilton resident for 25 years. Orem’s IS Wilton and Wilton IS Orem’s. Still a great place to eat.


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