Oliverio’s Cash and Carry

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Oliverio’s Cash & Carry is not a restaurant. It is a small neighborhood grocery store. It can be frustrating to the hungry roadfooder because the best things you can buy here are for taking home and cooking or eating with a sit-down meal. Sausage, for instance. In the back of the shop is a hand-cranked sausage machine tended by Angela and her brother John (daughter and son of Antoinette Oliverio, who began the business in the 1930s). The natural-casing Italian sausage they make from pork butts and seasoning two or three days a week is fresh and delicious; but unless you happen to stop in the store at a time when they’ve cooked some for themselves, and unless you are lucky enough to be befriended by them and offered a sandwich, you’ll need to buy it raw and find a place to cook it. The other great thing that’s a mess to eat in the car, but does travel well, is Angela’s cracked olive salad – a mélange of olives and peppery spices that is perfect as the garnish for homemade muffaletta sandwiches.

Even if there’s no place here to sit down and eat, we recommend this friendly market in the Glen Elk neighborhood of Clarksburg for some unique groceries that are very convenient to buy and pack in the car until you return home to enjoy them. In particular, we refer to the jars of hot and mild roasted peppers, cauliflower salsa, pickled peppers, and giardiniera mix in varying degrees of hotness that are made by Frank Oliverio. We have become addicted to the Italian style hot peppers in “sauce Oliverio” as a eye-opening base for marinara sauce, and to diced hot Italian cherry peppers as a garnish for beef sandwiches.

What to Eat
Oliverio’s Cash and Carry, Olives
Oliverio's black Olives: spicy, oily, rich, and addictive!
cracked olive salad
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Early in the 20th century, settlers from Italy came to the north central part of West Virginia to work coal mines, railroads, and farms. Their legacy is a bounty of Italian-accented good eating as well as one dish unique to the state: the pepperoni roll.  Invented by baker Guiseppi Agiro in 1926 at the Country Club…

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