Old South Bar-B-Q

Review by: Michael Stern

Smyrna’s Old South Bar-B-Q is a family eatery that has built a solid reputation for smoke-cooked pork, beef, chicken and ribs, as well as a quite amazing barbecue salad. That’s a plate of cold, crisp lettuce and grated orange cheese topped with pork (pulled, chopped, or sliced), beef brisket (chopped or sliced) or chicken, the whole meal-on-a-plate accompanied by your choice of sauce and salad dressing. Pour or dip: it’s up to you. Purely speaking, it’s neither salad nor barbecue. But what it is, is weirdly satisfying.

What To Eat

Pulled Pork Plate

Brunswick Stew

Pork on Garlic Toast

Chef’s Bar-B-Q Salad

Sweet Tea


Old South Bar-B-Q Recipes


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Scott Mahaffy

January 30th, 2012

Old south barbecue is simply delicious! The key words there are simply & delicious barbecue! My wife and I routinely drove 4 hours just to enjoy eating there. Now we live 9 hours away and are planning our next visit – YES IT’S THAT GOOD! The family owned and operated restaurant does what it does extremely well – make good BBQ! It’s simple un messed with barbecue – not smothered in sauce, the meats stand on their own merits. The Brunswick Stew ruins me – I can’t find it made better anywhere! The restaurant is simple and not fancy – it’s an old converted house. The food on the other hand is a masterpiece worthy of royalty! Try it for yourself – you will be making roadtrips too!


Ben Olson

October 11th, 2010

After reading about Old South on this site and realizing I was staying close by, I headed over to dinner on 6/29. I could not have made a better decision; this was some of the best, if not THE best barbeque I have ever had.

The restaurant itself is rustic with three small dining rooms, all featuring older paneling and a homey feel. The booths and tables are made of heavily varnished plywood and added to the charm of the place. Obviously this place has been around a long time and has a no-nonsense feel; it is all about the food!

The waitresses and cashier were charming and made me feel right at home. I started with unsweet tea which came in a big glass with plenty of ice and was replenished each time it needed to be. The menu included a number of BBQ favorites like brisket, pork, ribs, chicken, etc., many available in sliced, chopped, or shredded form. I opted for the brisket and pork, both chopped, and ordered the hot/sweet sauce. For my two sides, I tried their chili and potato salad.

Within a few minutes, the waitress appeared with my food and placed a large platter and two secondary plates on the plywood table. The main plate contained the brisket and pork, along with the sauce, while my sides came in cups on the second plate and the third plate contained two slices of toast.

The chopped brisket and pork had a texture that I am unfamiliar with. For a lack of any better comparison, it reminded me of a coarser texture than jerky chew. Not exactly a flattering description, but I LOVED it! The meat was lean and contained bits of crusty exterior which are always my favorite. Adding the hot/sweet sauce made the meat come to life and I hope I didn’t make too many audible gasps and mmmmm’s as I ate this meal. The side of chili had a ground texture and was flavored quite well and the potato salad was excellent as well.

I did not eat too much of the bread because I was running out of room and wanted to be able to finish the two meats. I cannot describe how good those meats were and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. The great chopped texture and the way the sauce brought the dry meat to moist life is making me long for the ability to go back, and I will do so the next time I am in Atlanta, and the time after that, and the time after that.

This is exactly why I consult Roadfood.com when I travel and have not been steered wrong yet. Visit Old South Bar-B-Q in Smyrna, GA. You cannot go wrong with this place – food, service, or quaint atmosphere!


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