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At Nu Way Cafe, a small local chain, loosemeat sandwiches are beautifully seasoned and sided by superb, lightly battered onion rings. To drink: homemade root beer.

If someone asks a Wichita native what restaurant is unique to their town, their first response will most likely be Nu Way Cafe. This local chain (there are now five locations) specializes in a loosemeat sandwich in the Maid-Rite style. The restaurant shown here is the original Nu Way near downtown. The building is a typical 1940’s road stand with Formica and chrome in abundance. According to the historical pictures decorating the walls, the site was originally a White Castle.

What to eat at Nu Way Cafe

The crumbly ground beef sandwich is served on a standard hamburger bun and is topped with pickles, diced onions and mustard. Other condiments are available but it is best to keep the sandwich simple so as not to take away from the perfectly seasoned beefy flavor. Also, the onion rings are not to be missed. They are lightly battered and cut to a medium thickness. This produces an excellent crisp crust and perfectly cooked onion. You will not find a super thick crust with a slimy undercooked onion here.

Finally, homemade root beer rounds out the culinary experience. The root beer is very creamy and has a richness that is difficult to describe. Of course it is served in frosty glass mugs. Root beer can be purchased in sizes up to a half-gallon, in a pitcher or a jug to go.

The restaurant also serves chili by the bowl or in quarts for take away, hot dogs, chili dogs, pork tenderloin sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, fries, a garlic salad, and the usual soft drinks and milkshakes.

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What To Eat

Loose meat sandwich

Onion rings

Root beer


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Joe Seiwert

August 18th, 2009

There is a purist strain of hamburger eaters who abide no ketchup, and require only mustard, onions, and pickles as condiments. Nu-Way is of this camp, though they will grudgingly provide you with ketchup you can furtively apply to your sandwich, originally intended for your curly-q fries or onion rings which, after all, may allow for such flavors.

The original location is the best; I have not tried all of the others but the ones I have tried leave me longing for the comfort and flavor of the mother ship. On the quiet west side of the Arkansas (that’s are-KANsas, like the Great Plains state, NOT like the rebel secessionists) River, this is an old-time place with old additions, in an old part of Wichita. Root beer, a medium Nu-way deluxe, and curly-qs or onion rings satisfy. Some prefer the onion rings, others the fries; you may agree to disagree over a large frosty mug of root beer.


Vince Indelicato

January 30th, 2004

Introduced to NuWay by my in-laws, I found NuWay to be a delightful change of pace, one not to be found many other places. Loose is definitely better, and the specials on the NuWay’s themselves can’t be beat. But be forewarned, size descriptions can be decieving. A regular/medium is about the size of a typical hamburger, but a large is served on a 5 inch bun. I prefer to go with two mediums rather than a large, as the crumbly nature of the NuWay makes a large hard to eat without wearing some.

The onion rings are definitely crispy and not too greasy with just the right amount of batter. The only complaint I have is that the chili is a little wan (needs more spice for my taste). However, the taste of the root beer is the best (and worth taking home!).

If you go, be prepared to wait for a table, as the location is small. But, if you are willing to wait, the food, and atmosphere, can’t be beat.


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