Review by: Michael Stern

Nopalito is a family-run restaurant (actually two restaurants; the other is at 2605 Missouri Ave.) where you can count on excellent New Mexican food. Not Tex-Mex nor Arizona-Mex nor California-Mex nor Sonoran Mex, but the unique cuisine of New Mexico. That means that chile peppers star and the issue of red or green is one you will confront at every meal.

We like ours on a stacked enchilada with the works, meaning beans and cheese and a fried egg on top and rice and salad on the side. Another best bet are chiles rellenos, fried to a crisp and oozing warm cheese.

The broad, airy dining room with its adobe mission style decor is a pleasant place to relax and enjoy native foods. The staff is kind and helpful, seats are comfortable, and it is a pleasure to inhale the aroma of other people’s chilecentric meals – gorditas, con carne, tacos, tamales, rolled as well as stacked enchiladas – wafting past on their way from the kitchen to tables.

What To Eat

Stacked Enchilada

Chiles Rellenos

Avocado Salad




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