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Nick’s Chili is an Indianapolis landmark. I eat at Nick’s at least once a week for lunch and thought it was time to add it to Roadfood! Housed in a building that was formerly a Rax Roast Beef restaurant, Nick’s is packed for lunch and dinner, and is usually fairly busy throughout the day.

What should I eat at Nick’s Chili Parlor?

Although they have a few other menu items, Nick’s does chili and does it well. A bowl of chili, chili dogs, and chili cheeseburgers are their most popular items. With large chunks of meat, hearty beans, and just enough spices to give it some bite, the chili is a warm, satisfying meal on a chilly fall night. Hot tamales are wonderful, rivaling the best I’ve had.

If you’ve got a hearty appetite, you can’t go wrong with their fish sandwich. This is a HUGE fillet of whitefish, deep-fried, on a hoagie bun, with homemade tartar sauce, and you can’t beat it. Nick’s has wonderful skin on fries. Their chili cheese fries are a real treat. Add to that great, HUGE onion rings, and an array of homemade desserts… you can’t beat a trip to Nick’s.

At Nick’s, you’re served cafeteria style. You work your way down through a line, picking and adding items as you go. And I must add a note about the staff: they are among the friendliest group of folks you’ll meet. Nick’s cooks and staff are largely retired folks working part-time. You’ll feel like a loving grandma is serving you food.

If cash is short, Nick’s is a good place to know about: The heartiest lunch will get you plenty of change from a $10 bill, and it’s possible to have a meal for $5. The chili is hearty, not too hot or bewitchingly spiced, but mighty satisfying, especially in concert with spaghetti noodles, red beans, finely grated cheddar cheese and crisp raw onions. Next time, I am going to pay 50 cents and get extra cheese on the chili. I ran out of it before excavating halfway through the bowl.

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Chili 5 Way

Basic Chili

Chili Cheese Fries

Chili Dog

Homemade Pie



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