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Nationwide occupies an unassuming storefront in midtown Sacramento, and appears to have been in business for around thirty years (we’ve heard that Nationwide used to be located elsewhere in Sacramento, but we’re not sure where). On the inside are interesting booths and décor, lots of retro Coca-Cola advertising, and a nice mix of burger aficionados. The menu primarily consists of that tried-and-true combination: burgers and fries.

The main event, and must-eat item, is the “French ground” burger with cheese. While it’s not cheap ($7), it is a substantial and heavenly meal. The meat is of excellent quality, fresh, well-seasoned and juicy. The toasted bun is fluffy, but more flavorful than the mass-produced stuff one gets at fast food restaurants (we’ve heard it comes from a local bakery). Unless you request something else, burgers at Nationwide come with lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion, and “sauce.” The thin sauce resembles Thousand Island dressing, and I was surprised how utterly addictive it is in combination with the beefy juice of the burger. Its sweetness offset the sharp onion and rich meat in a way that I imagine McDonald’s may once have been trying to achieve with their own (far less “special”) sauce. All of these flavors came together to make a really fantastic meal.

The fries were better the second time we tried them. They are very thick, perhaps four or six cut out of each large potato, and taste of potato more than fried coating. Those who prefer thin, crunchy, well-done fries may not love these, but we appreciated the way they complemented the burger (and the meaty, saucy drippings left on the wax paper).

We have yet to try the smaller burgers or shakes, not to mention their steak and cold cut sandwiches, because it’s so hard to drag ourselves away from the classic “French ground” behemoths. But if you find yourself at Nationwide it’s hard to imagine you could go wrong.

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