Murray’s Sturgeon Shop

Review by: Michael Stern

If sturgeon were the only thing Murray’s sold, this Upper West Side landmark would be worth a visit. Smoked fish this good is a treasure. There is an unbelievable luxury about the way Murray’s sturgeon tastes and feels on the tongue – as rich as fish can possibly be. While it is rightfully known as the specialty of the house, Murray’s other kinds of smoked fish are equally notable: velvet-textured salmon either Nova Scotia-style or salt-cured, whitefish, whole chubs, and trout. Among the pickled specialties are three kinds of herring and lox; in addition, there are salads made from whitefish, tuna, and herring.

Beyond fish, Murray’s has much to offer: a full case of deli meats, from spicy hot pastrami to turkey breast and tongue, several kinds of knish (a potato dumpling), and some of the best spreadable salads in town. The airweight tuna salad is probably the most elegant version of this humble dish on earth; in addition to classical chopped liver, there is vegetarian chopped liver(!); and Murray’s spinach egg salad must be tasted to be believed.

Murray’s is also known for its selection of high-quality (and accordingly priced) caviar: Beluga, Sevruga, and Osetra.

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Deborah Pastor

May 17th, 2013

I have the luck to live across the street from Murray’s. Their smoked fish is tremendous, especially their sable. Their sandwich spreads are great: tuna, egg salad with spinach, and herring are all top-notch. But there’s more. They have some of the best herring in the city. The herring with cream sauce is good, but you can find that in many places. Their plain herring is outstanding, very fresh and hard to find in most delis.

Also, don’t forget to buy some soup. The schav is fantastic, the best I’ve ever had. It’s made with sorrel, so it is the real deal. The cold borscht is also superb. The store is crowded on weekend mornings but fine on the weekdays. The smoked fish special on Mondays through Wednesdays makes it all a bit more affordable.


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