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Syracuse, New York, is a city with a wealth of great diners. Mother’s Cupboard is one of the best. Located just a couple of miles from Carrier Circle (Exit 35 of the New York State Thruway), it is a tiny shack that you might miss if you blink when driving by. We used to pass it many times, assuming it was abandoned or going out of business because it always was closed.  So please make a note to yourself that Mother’s Cupboard is open only for breakfast and lunch.

What should I eat at Mother’s Cupboard?

For breakfast we ate a foot-wide blueberry pancake, a vegetable omelet, and an order of home fries to share.  This food made us very full and happy.  The home fries were stand-outs: fresh-cut potatoes cooked with minimal interference by Peter, who is co-owner and cook. He tosses them on the well-seasoned flat-top with butter, salt, and paprika, then leaves them alone to form a wicked crust on one side. There is nothing better than a well cooked home fry and this guy knows how to do it.

Unique frittatas are a regional favorite, and the menu’s 6-pound frittata challenge awaits anyone brave (or foolhardy) enough to try. We have confronted the half size, but cried uncle well before finishing.  We think that this is responsible behavior, but if you are up for it we want to see that video or picture! Also, the potatoes and Italian toast do fill one up rather quickly, so you need to be careful to save room for the savory and sweet stuff that is coming.

The combination of broccoli and pepperoni may seem like an odd one, but it shows up in almost every frittata we’ve ever seen and it really works. The biscuits & sausage gravy with a side of home fries we ate on one visit almost put us in a food coma, but it was totally worth it. Many of the dishes we eat might have this effect, but we are here for it!

One dish worth noting is the Monte Cristo, which is ham and cheese sandwiched between slices of French toast, dusted with powdered sugar, and served with an irresponsible amount of butter. And when we say irresponsible, we mean it as a compliment.  To take it over the top: maple syrup or a sprinkle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. The spicy and sweet connection to this dish is unbeatable if you can take the heat.

Some notes on the restaurant

Mother’s Cupboard is very tiny and there is usually a line outside the door, but they try to get you in as soon as possible. Honestly, it is a good place to scan the people of the town and catch the vibe of the breakfast eaters. While waiting in line, it is possible to find out about a local concert or fundraiser, to learn which politicians are running for office, or find someone to fix that computer that’s having problems: all on flyers posted in the entryway.

Once you are inside, have a seat on a stool at the counter. The sounds of Peter flipping, scraping and clanging is hypnotic and stirs the appetite. Glancing around while eating, it is apparent that this is very much a place frequented by locals. This is always a good sign that you are in the right place at the right time. Peter and the waitresses know almost everyone by name. We have yet to try lunch here so that is up next!

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What To Eat


Home Fries

Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

Blueberry Pancake

Vegetable Omelette

Monte Cristo


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Wannette Lynne Demore

September 7th, 2022

I love their breakfast blueberries pancake and homfries, from Cleveland ohio


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