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Surrounded by farmland were cows graze across the grass, Moomer’s is an ideal place to eat ice cream. Seating is at booths in a rustic, wood-paneled dining room and out on a deck overlooking the fields; service is do-it-yourself at the order counter. About two dozen flavors are available any one day, these from a total repertoire of fifty. Some of the more notable selections include cherries moobilee, cherry cheesecake, mooberry, and a lemon custard that will be pure paradise for lemon-lovers.

Have it in a cup, cone, or jumbo waffle cone; among the more deluxe ways to enjoy Moomer’s ice cream are in the form of a banana split, a tin roof, a shake, a flurry, and a sundae. Floats are also available, and while we are not generally float people (nothing against them; it’s just that we usually choose presentations that maximize ice cream intake), we would definitely recommend getting a float here if you are a ginger ale connoisseur. Moomer’s serves Michigan’s Vernor’s brand ginger ale, which has a powerful ginger tang like no other label. Vernor’s is delicious straight from a glass, and it makes an ideal medium for a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The best of all sundaes, in our well-researched opinion, is the turtle: vanilla ice cream topped with dual layers of hot fudge and caramel sauce and sprinkled with stupendously crunchy butter-roasted pecans.

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