Milwaukee Wiener House

Review by: Michael Stern

Sioux City has a few places that specialize in Coney Island-style hot dogs, which are small, three-bite-size franks generally served under a blanket of fine-grind chili meat. Thanks to a tip by local car dealer Jack J. Holmes, we believe we found the city’s best hot dogs at Milwaukee Wiener House.

They are a lovely sight, marshalled on the grill in impeccable formation: row upon row, side by side, each identical in shape, not one out of place. All condiments are available, but when we told the gent behind the counter to give us “the usual,” he dressed ours with mustard, chili, and raw onions.

The wieners come nestled in soft, warm buns so fresh they show the imprint of the gentlest grasp. These tube steaks are mere fingerlings, pale pink but with bright, porky flavor that is well complemented by the zest of the house-made fine-grind chili. Three or four such steamy babies make a nice meal.

The Milwaukee Wiener House opens at six in the morning, and has done so since 1918. A 1960 advertisement posted on the wall boasts that it has served 4,000,000 hot dogs, but the current management estimates the tally today is closer to 50,000,000.

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Britni Rhinehart

February 23rd, 2011

I grew up in Iowa and my dad, Bill (and sometimes my grandpa, Stan), took me and my brother every Saturday morning to the Milwaukee Wiener House to see Tom and Gus, and to eat hot dogs covered in chili. This is a classic cafe-style restaurant, with the best hot dogs and chili you’ll ever taste.

It’s worth the stop for the food and for the atmosphere. The cook is the best! Also, you can buy a soda and drink it in an old-fashioned bottle and watch the straw float to the top.


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