Milton’s Cafe

Review by: Sara Griffith Dawson

When traveling, it is especially heartwarming to find a local diner with traditional fare for breakfast. On the other hand, there there’s also something to be said for the modern brunch experience, including big bloody Marys and a fresh, up-to-date kitchen repertoire. Milton’s Cafe of Lawrence, Kansas, is a good blend of the two, offering a contemporary and intimate brunch atmosphere with a wide variety of entree and side combinations.

If you show up on the weekend during prime time — around 10:00am — expect to wait for about 30-45 minutes. No worries if you still need your morning coffee: just head inside, ask for a coffee cup, and sip while you wait. Coffee service is set up at the end of the bar for customers to help themselves. It includes a selection of light, medium, dark, and decaf.

What to eat at Milton’s Cafe

The menu offers nearly every possible combination of breakfast favorites, from biscuits and gravy to smoked salmon and capers and everything in between. The Milton’s Scramble is a pillar of the menu: two eggs scrambled with bacon, ham, sausage, sweet red peppers, onion, and, of course, cheese. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a dish come out looking EXACTLY as it does on the menu, but this was picture perfect. With sides of crispy toast, and “home-style” potatoes, the Scramble fully satisfies any brunch desire.

If you like your eggs to stand on their own, have no fear, the All American Breakfast is here! Order two eggs any way you want, with a side of bacon, ham, or sausage. They come with potatoes and toast, making a no-nonsense meal for anyone seeking a simple, diner-style experience.  

In my experience, a friendly waitstaff and a laid-back atmosphere are a great kickoff to Saturday or Sunday, whether you’re visiting for a game or simply passing through.

What To Eat

Milton’s Scramble

All American Breakfast


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