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Review by: Michael Stern

Pitkin Street in East Hartford isn’t exactly Restaurant Row. But if you’re passing by on I-84, I-91, Routes 2, 5, or 15, it’s easy to find. And for fans of good seafood, it’s worth the detour. There’s not much to it, amenities-wise. No tables or chairs, no service other than a friendly smile when you step up to the counter after reading the menu posted up above. Place your order, pay, then wait for the clams to be fried, the lobster roll to be assembled (summer only), or chowder to be ladled. In the mornings, Mickey’s otherwise seafood-centered menu offers an array of breakfast sandwiches, warm muffins, and home fried potatoes; and at lunch if you are a fish frowner, there’s an assortment of good-looking hamburgers and grinders.

When you get your paper plates of food, you find a place along the long, blue counter that rims the interior of the little drive-in and eat standing up. At the meal’s conclusion, heave your refuse in one of the trash barrels arrayed throughout the dining area.

Fried clams are reliably excellent – either the gooey full-bellied kind or chewy little strips, the former sometimes costing the better part of a $20 bill. We like the fried shrimp, scallops, and fish, too – all prepared in a crunchy batter of which Mickey’s is justly proud. Recently we had a chance to try a blue crab roll: heaps of claw meat piled into a bun and dressed with a peppery “Key Lime” dressing. It was a distinctly elegant sandwich … in a decidedly inelegant setting.

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Tracy Dumont

May 11th, 2008

Mickey’s is an East Hartford icon. Grab an order of fried clam bellies and some (HOT) New England clam chowder and drive down the road to Riverside Park for some views of Hartford and the lovely Connecticut River.

Mickey’s has its frying down to a science. The batter is flavorful but it doesn’t take away from the fish. The atmosphere leaves a bit to be desired, but if you are one of the locals you know to head down to the park for that! Their chowder is always hot, and tends to be thin. However there is always plenty of flavor and, of course, clams.

As is the tradition, the food is served in cardboard boats and wrapped in waxed paper. My only issue is that their tartar sauce is made with a sweet relish instead of a dill relish.



    August 21st, 2023

    The tartar sauce is delicious. Mickeys has been consistently awesome for the 25 years I’ve been going there! The fish sandwich is so fresh and flaky! A true shining star!



      August 22nd, 2023

      Thanks for letting us know your experience!


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