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Martha’s Menu is a classic small-town southern café with such entrees as fried chicken and ham and a full repertoire of southern vegetables that includes fried okra, boiled cabbage, pinto beans, creamed potatoes, and fried potatoes. There’s cornbread on the side and sweet tea to drink — all for well under $10.

Great Food, Great Prices, Wonderful People

While traveling back from St. Petersburg, FL to Iowa, we stopped in the Corinth, MS area to visit Civil War battle sites. We went to the Mississippi (Corinth) Welcome Center to get brochures. While there, we asked about a good place to eat in the area. We did not want to eat at a chain; we just wanted some good food. They directed us to two places downtown and we picked the first one we came to, Martha’s Menu. Plus, it had a parking space that just opened up.

As we got out of the car, we could see through the windows that it was packed. There was a family outside who said that we picked a great place to eat, and to be sure and get the cornbread. Upon entering, we could see it was a large restaurant and all the tables were full. Luckily, a table emptied right after we walked in and we were seated right away.

What should I eat at Martha’s Menu?

They have a nice rounded menu of Southern food. They also serve breakfast all day. After watching all the plates coming out of the kitchen we opted for one of their lunch specials and, boy, was it special. There was a choice of fried chicken, roast beef, and another option we do not recall. Along with the meat choice was a choice of three vegetables: the options were coleslaw, fried okra, boiled cabbage, pinto beans, creamed potatoes, and fried potatoes. I had roast beef, creamed potatoes with gravy, coleslaw, and fried okra. We also had fried chicken, pinto beans, coleslaw, okra and cornbread.

Our lunch came immediately and it was wonderful. Everything tasted fresh and homemade and looked like a plate of food that came out of your grandmother’s kitchen. The roast was fork-tender with a good beef flavor. The chicken was moist, tender, and very delicious. The creamed potatoes were the best, as was the okra. The pinto beans were tender and had a sort-of gravy; very good.

The staff was wonderful. They came back after about a few minutes to make sure everything was okay and asked if we were enjoying our food. I asked the waitress if they could move and open a restaurant in our state but she just grabbed my hand and said, “Honey, you just move on down here with us.” Not only was the staff friendly, but so were the people at neighboring tables. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.

We ate at many great places while on our trip, but this place capped it off for us. Not only was the food great but so was everyone else in that friendly town. We found lots of wonderful little stores and visited some of the historical sights in the area. Martha’s Menu is now in our trip book to stop at again.

*Original post by Joan H*

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