Marshall Diner

Review by: Michael Stern

As straightforward as its name, the Marshall Diner is a three-meal-a-day town cafe with a true-diner menu that ranges from creamed chipped beef on toast in the morning to meat loaf with mashed potatoes for supper. Not everything demands repeat eating — the French onion soup, although not from a can (I found a bay leaf in my bowl), is conspicuously brackish and crude, the house salad is a bore, even the half-pound hamburger, while not awful, is not all that compelling. However the hot turkey sandwich is a good one, made of large, hand-pulled pieces of tender turkey and accompanied by mashed potatoes and a surprisingly garlicky vegetable medley.

The bread pudding I had for dessert was a substantial block of eggy, raisin-dotted starch sopped with thin, sugary icing, but a better choice for the postprandial sweet tooth was the chocolate soft-serve cone I found just across the street at the Bears ice cream stand. Yummy stuff.

The Marshall Diner breakfast menu is curious, announcing that all bacon, sausage, and ham are made of beef or turkey (kosher? halal?). Breakfast is the meal I will likely return for. It is available any time and features scrapple, which I assume also is non-pork, as well as biscuits topped with either sausage gravy or creamed chipped beef.

What To Eat

Hot Turkey Sandwich

Bread Pudding

Marshall’s Burger

French Onion Soup

Potato Salad

House Salad


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