Market Burger

Review by: Michael Stern

Offspring of a highly respected bistro, Market Burger is an inconspicuous storefront on Main Street. Paper menus are available in a little holder as you walk in the front door so you can peruse them and make some decisions while waiting in line to place an order at the counter between the dining area and a small open kitchen. Tell the man what you want, pay for it, and give him your name. Assuming you plan to eat here (a lot of business is take-out), find a table in the very cozy dining area and not too long after you get comfortable, your name will be called. Fetch dinner and dig in!

Burgers are presented on paper and the paper is spread across a tray. If two people in a party each order a burger and French fries, both meals will be piled onto a single tray, making for a really impressive mountain of food. The burgers, made from local beef, are small enough that two or even three in a bun make sense. The burgers themselves are good and greasy, not fancy-pants gourmet burgers by any means, although they are pricey, in the $10 range. The Ian-Ate-R, with fries, runs well into the $teens. French fries are a must. They are thin, crisp, and full-flavored.

In addition to usual burger condiments, the menu offers such interesting complimentary alternatives as house-made pickles, cranberry mayo and curry mayo, and for $1 each, what the menu calls “not-so-complimentary toppings” that include Cherry Glen goat cheese, Vermont cheddar, smoked bacon, and sautéed mushrooms.

What To Eat

Triple Burger

French Fries

Milk Shake


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