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As new California residents, we were pleased to discover that old, independent donut shops appear to thrive and even to dominate the local donut scene. Of those we’ve tried, Marie’s Do-Nut Shop is a standout.

Do not expect to sit and savor your donuts on the spot–there is no seating and only one window at which you place your order. At peak times the line, filled with students and commuters, stretches along the windows that overlook the donuts piled up inside. Marie’s is truly designed to provide a quick stop for the morning (or late-night) donut fix.

What should I eat at Marie’s Do-nut Shop?

On a recent visit, two sorts of donuts stood out from the rest: the cream–filled donut and the apple fritter. The cream-filled donut is a raised, glazed donut, cut in half and filled with real whipped cream. The cream tasted fresh and rich, without being too sweet, offering a subtle balance to the glazed donut base. The apple fritter was addictively crunchy, light and not greasy. Paired with coffee, these very fresh donuts are a great way to start the day.

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