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A blast-from-the-past Main Street Diner in Pendelton, OR is especially known for big, hearty breakfasts and from-scratch milk shakes.

The Main Street Diner is a quaint little 50’s diner in the middle of downtown Pendleton, OR, home of the famous Pendleton Round-Up. We asked the gas station attendant where to get a good breakfast, and he didn’t hesitate in telling us “the Main Street Diner.”

When you first walk in, it feels like you stepped into the past. From the décor on the walls to the old-fashioned tables and chairs, it feels like 1950. The old movie posters on the wall brought back a lot of memories, and so did the 45’s of Elvis, the Shirelles, Bobby Darin and more.

What should I eat at Main Street Diner?

We ordered bacon and eggs and they were fantastic. Crisp thick bacon and three eggs with a mound of hashbrowns and toast, cooked just the way we like them. The waitress was friendly and our coffee cup never ran out. We went back for lunch and had what they call an “Italian Stallion”, which tasted like a pizza in a sandwich. It contained pepperoni, ham, bacon and cheese and was really quite good. We also shared an old-fashioned milkshake, served in the tin mixing container and topped with a cherry and whipped cream! A highly recommended restaurant.

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What To Eat

Taco Salad

Veggie Omelette

Pendleton Burger

Great Balls of Fire Burger

Bread Pudding

Eggs Benedict

Roxy Omelette

Roxy Omelet


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Debbie Gilbert

May 24th, 2012

We always stop at the Main Street Diner when we travel from Spokane to Boise. We even make sure we time it so we hit Pendleton during their business hours. Their’s is a great little diner right in the middle of the downtown area. We usually get there for breakfast. The food is top notch and the service is excellent. The 50’s decor and music really set the tone for a fun time. And of course the life-size Betty Boop out front is always welcoming. My husband swears he has never had a better breakfast anywhere ( including at home) and I reluctantly agree with him. But then, I don’t have a flat grill and wait staff. haha. If you are ever in Pendleton, OR, don’t skip this fabulous little diner. You will be glad you took the time to find them.


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