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Review by: Ernie Kilian

In the Roadfood-challenged state of Wyoming, the Luxury Diner is a welcome beacon of good value and superior short-order fare. It has been a breakfast-and-lunch favorite of Cheyenne residents for decades, now run by Sherrie and her husband, who refurbished the décor but have vowed to maintain the menu mantra of straightforward good food at a reasonable price.

What should I eat at Luxury Diner?

The dish I recommend as a must-try is a Santa Fe burrito. It is stuffed with scrambled eggs, spicy sausage, refried beans, homemade salsa, cheddar, and hash browns, and topped with green chili and tomatoes. On the side comes a pile of “Luxury Potatoes” – chunky home fries with peppers and onions. Biscuits are excellent, and Sherrie was kind enough to offer me a free cinnamon roll. It was very large and tasty, if a bit dry — well-accompanied by good coffee.

As for lunch, regulars sing the praises of smothered pork chops, chicken-fried steak, meat loaf, and hot roast beef sandwiches. There are all sorts of burgers, including red chili cheeseburgers and green chili cheeseburgers and a top-of-the-line Luxury Burger festooned with bacon, sauteed mushrooms, and Swiss and American cheeses.

My server, Pam, was friendly and efficient, hospitality being a longstanding Luxury Diner tradition. In fact, it has been a working diner since 1926, before which it was a trolley car. Atmosphere is quaint and welcoming, its appearance recalling days when Cheyenne was a big railroad junction town.


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2 Responses to “Luxury Diner”

Lori Graf

August 13th, 2023

We went here on a trip to Cheyenne- The Luxury Diner is cute and the food is definitely good, but I wouldn’t say it’s RoadFood level. They also no longer have most of the menu items listed in the review, like the hot roast beef sandwiches. Their cinnamon rolls aren’t even made there, but by a bakery in town. It’s a cute little spot and the food is good, but the review on here doesn’t seem to be accurate anymore!



    August 14th, 2023

    Thanks for letting us know your experience here- sounds like they went through some changes since the review.


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