LowBrau Bierhalle

Review by: Lori Rice

This modern twist on a traditional German beer hall offers an inviting space of long, beer garden inspired tables both inside and out. Party lights strung through the large trees out front are first to catch your attention. There is plenty of shade on the front patio, and lively music and conversation in the indoor dining room under the glow of the neon pig with a crown.

For lunch and dinner, LowBrau specializes in a variety of sausages prepared next door at Block Butcher Bar along with pick-your-own toppings. To enjoy a real treat, though, go for weekend brunch. Start with The LB Mary which includes housemade Bloody Mary mix, vodka, and a hefty slice of rich sausage for garnish.

Lox & Rye is colorfully displayed on a wooden board and piled with smoky, tender salmon. It’s accompanied by smooth dill cream cheese, cucumber, onion, rye toast, a few caper berries, and a garnish of charred lemon for drizzling.

LowBrau’s twist on eggs Benedict, simply called Benedict, includes a savory mix of housemade bangers over tender biscuits topped with poached eggs and hollandaise. It’s served with a side of crunchy-edged hash browns.

Regardless of whether you go for brunch, lunch, or dinner, Duck Fat Fries must always accompany the meal. They are fried until lightly crisp on the outside while the inside remains soft and fluffy. You get a choice of three sauces and Bier Cheese is a top pick for dipping.

If you go on Saturday, plan to hang out at the farmers market that sets up on the street right in front of the restaurant. For that same reason, I suggest you arrive early before all the tables fill up.

What To Eat

The LB Mary

Lox & Rye


Duck Fat Fries with Bier Cheese Sauce


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