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“Praise God for corn from Mexico,” declared one tamale-eating customer when he saw us glowing with joy over the sunshine-and-butter brightness of Los Jarritos’ green corn tamales, which are always on the menu. Once strictly a late-summer, early-fall dish, when local corn was ripe and chile was harvested, green corn tamales now are available year-around thanks to trucked-in corn from the south and chilies that are frozen after being roasted.

Another Los Jarritos denizen piped in to let us know how much work it is to make green corn tamales, pantomiming the effort it takes to carefully remove popping-fresh kernels from the cob, making sure you maximize the amount of juice retrieved, resulting in moist dough with earthy sweetness not found in ordinary masa milled from dried kernels.

What to Eat
Los Jarritos, Green Corn Tamales (6)
Green Corn Tamales (6)
A brace of green corn tamales, wrapped in soft corn husks, are eggs' (and chorizo's) best friend in the morning. When the husk is peeled away, the sunny, buttery aroma of chili, corn, and cheese that escapes is devastating-delish.
Los Jarritos, Red Chili
Red Chili
Available by the cup or plate, Los Jarritos' bowl of red packs full-tilt chili flavor but not an overwhelming amount of heat.
Los Jarritos, Chorizo & Eggs
Chorizo & Eggs
Rugged chorizo sausage is available on a plate with potatoes and refritos or wrapped in a burro.
Los Jarritos, Tortilla
Soft, warm tortillas accompany most meals.
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