Los Jarritos

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One of the best

“Praise God for corn from Mexico,” declared one tamale-eating customer when he saw us glowing with joy over the sunshine-and-butter brightness of Los Jarritos’ green corn tamales, which are always on the menu. Once strictly a late-summer, early-fall dish, when local corn was ripe and chile was harvested, green corn tamales now are available year-around thanks to trucked-in corn from the south and chilies that are frozen after being roasted.

Los Jarritos’ green corn tamales are some of the best, a swirl of sweet corn and hot pepper flavors steamed to a point of opulent harmony. Order at least a couple of them to accompany such classic Sonoran meals as carne asada, nopalitos con chili (prickly pear cactus with chili colorado), and red or white menudo available in sizes from a pint to a gallon. Most meals are ordered to take out and most tamales are sold by the dozen, but a couple of tables inside and a few on a small patio out front give regulars the opportunity to linger over long breakfasts of huevos rancheros with house-made chorizo and carry on conversations with each other and with strangers.

Note to alcoholics: Los Jarritos sells menudo “ready to cook.” For $35 you get all the fixins needed to make a large vat of the traditional Mexican hangover cure: 11 pounds of tripe, 2 beef feet, and 5 pounds of nixtamal (treated corn).

What to Eat
Los Jarritos, Green Corn Tamales (6)
Green Corn Tamales (6)
Green corn tamales, wrapped in soft corn husks
Los Jarritos, Red Chili
Red Chili
Bowl of red packs full-tilt chili flavor but isn't scary-hot.
Los Jarritos, Chorizo & Eggs
Chorizo & Eggs
Rugged chorizo sausage with potatoes and refritos
Los Jarritos, Tortilla
Soft, warm tortillas accompany most meals.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday6am - 1pm
Monday6am - 12:30pm
Tuesday6am - 2pm
Wednesday6am - 1pm
Thursday6am - 1pm
Friday6am - 1pm
Saturday6am - 1pm
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Green corn tamales, so named because they are wrapped in fresh green husks rather than dry, beige ones, used to be seasonal, available only at the end of summer when both corn and chile were ready to harvest. But now farmers regularly truck fresh corn up from southern Mexico and autumn chile is roasted and…

Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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