Los Dos Hermanos

Review by: Jess Dawson

Los Dos Hermanos sits on a quiet corner of Sierraville, about an hour from Lake Tahoe. Even in the early August sun, a sign reads “Watch for ice,” a handy reminder in the middle of winter when snow often comes up past the restaurant’s windows. 

The well-sized space constantly turns over tables, which is good, because the crowd keeps rolling in. It’s made up of mostly ranchers — cowboy hats, spurs, and all — from the many nearby cattle ranches. On the TV above the bar, soccer plays. Everyone working here is friendly, and clearly knows the regulars well. It’s a great go-to for a Sunday-night kind of meal.

The menu is easy to navigate. There’s an a la carte section (which might be good considering how huge the combo platters are), an enchilada section with five options, fajitas, and specialties, which include the chile verde and carne asada. There are also burritos, tostadas, and chimichangas. Most of us gravitate toward the combo platters, which are served with rice and super creamy refried beans.

The chips are thin and salty, and arrive warm with spicy red salsa. Margaritas are served in glass pitchers, and are just the right amount of tangy. And at $16 a pitcher, they’re a steal.

The number 4 combo has one (huge) chile relleno, which is tender, incredibly cheesy, and slightly spicy. There’s also a juicy beef taco on a crunchy shell. Among our other combo platters, we get more chile rellenos, a tasty chicken tamal without a husk, and a delicious enchilada duo drizzled with green chile pepper sauce. It’s all very simple. There are no fancy ingredients, but it’s fresh and delicious. 

As we leave, we encounter two of the ranchers’ boys outside, practicing with their lassos. They pose for a picture before we take off down the road with full stomachs and warm hearts.

What To Eat

Number 4


Enchiladas Jalisco

Number 8, El Grande

Chips and Salsa

Number 6


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