Lorenzo’s Pizza

Review by: Stephen Rushmore Jr.

The cheesiest steaks in Philly can be found at a small hoagie and pizza shop called Lorenzo’s Pizza. Unlike the larger steak and hoagie shops, Lorenzo’s cooks everything to order– so plan on more than a five-minute lunch break.

When you approach the counter, be sure to order a cheese steak with onions and Whiz. The grill cook will then take a couple of frozen sheets of steak meat and slap it on the grill atop raw onions. The next ten minutes you can watch as your order is banged and chopped up thoroughly on the grill until it resembles a hash. The grill cook then shapes the meat into a thick vertical formation down the grill in the exact shape of the cheese steak roll. Literally gobs of cheese Whiz are worked into the steak and onions, then the bread is used to scoop up the well-mixed cheese steak portion off the grill.

The result of this cooking process is a steak sandwich that is coupled proportionally, yet very thickly, with the Whiz. The meat is juicy, yet the bun is firm enough to hold everything together.

Next time you are in Philly be sure to try Lorenzo’s for cheese steak—it’s a great alternative to the big-name and high-volume steak places.

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