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A happy country kitchen where two people can eat hearty and come away with change from a sawbuck, Lora’s Family Restaurant serves fine burgers, sandwiches, pies, and hot fudge cake.

On Route 19, near Summersville, in Southern West Virginia, is an intersection; a 4-way stop that can lead you to many places. For most, it’s a trip further north toward Interstate 79 or further down Route 19 to the rest of the southern region of the state.

But wait! Before your journey continues, make a turn onto the rural Route 39 toward Richwood (fear not, there are signs to lead you) and drive twelve miles to the small community of Nettie, resting on top of the mountain before the descent into the more heavily populated Richwood. Waiting for you on top of that mountain, just past the very visible cellular telephone tower and just before the local Go-Mart, is Lora’s Family Restaurant, a jewel of a traditional country kitchen in the unlikeliest of locations.

The food and the service aren’t the only things that will remind you of years gone by. The prices will have a similar effect. In fact, this may be the only place around where two 24-year olds who live for massive amounts of Roadfood can eat for a total of twelve bucks.

What to eat at Lora’s Family Restaurant

While Lora’s features a plethora of traditional Southern fare, we, for the most part, stuck to the basics. The hamburgers and cheeseburgers are enough for some but the Country Burger is a step up. A thick, hand-formed patty of beef topped with bacon, cheese, and whatever else you’d like.

The meat was absolutely fresh as was the bun and the condiments, making this burger all that a Roadfood connoisseur could ask for. The fries were crispy but not overdone. An eating companion tried both the seasoned potato wedges and the lesser known breaded mushrooms, both of which drew his highest praise. Everything was of the highest level, even the fountain Mountain Dew.

A final note: the two of us traveled more than an hour to dine at Lora’s and drive home. That is high praise!

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