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Review by: Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

The best fried clams in America can be found in the Ipswich-Essex area of Massachusetts, but it’s not the only place to find good fried clams. The hand-breaded whole-bellied clams fried up by Lobster Claw, while not quite at Ipswich level, can more than hold their own against most challengers. These clams are not as gushy and sea-briny as those at The Clam Box, but they are far superior to the fried clam strips found in most parts of the country. Lobster Claw’s clams are probably a good entry point for novices who approach the consumption of the entire clam with some trepidation.

They are frying experts at Lobster Claw; the freshly-made onion rings are superlative, a crisp heap, a little bit oily, asking only for a sprinkle of salt. Chowders are dense with seafood, cozy and warming. They even make their own tartar sauce, and this stuff is delicious and unique, tasting more of onion than pickle.

The Lobster Claw is a seafood retailer too, and as you wait in line to place your order you can press you nose up against the refrigerator cases to see what looks good. Not everything offered is fried; they’ll set you up with some fresh haddock or salmon if you’d prefer, or some stuffed clams or crabcakes.

We wouldn’t recommend a special trip to North Reading to visit the Lobster Claw (Ipswich is about 20 miles northeast if you are looking for special trips), but if you find yourself in the northern suburbs of Boston, with a craving for fried clams and onion rings, the Lobster Claw will fill the bill very nicely.

What To Eat

Onion Rings

Lobster Roll

Fried Clams

Tartar Sauce



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