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As you cruise down the western slopes of the Big Horn Mountains – or prepare to head east into them – the town of Greybull offers all sorts of attractions. These include a sprawling Museum of Flight and Aerial Fire Fighting with countless decommissioned airplanes on display, an awesome museum of taxidermy, Probst’s Western Wear Shop (in business since the 1940s), and Lisa’s restaurant.

“In Wyoming when we say hearty, we mean hearty!!” Lisa’s menu crows. But it isn’t so much the generous size of meals that makes this roadside cafe a worthwhile stop; it is the flavor. For breakfast, we’ve had chunky corned beef hash made from juicy slices of spiced brisket, warm biscuits with luxurious sausage gravy, “puff scrambles,” which are eggs stuffed into puff pastries and topped with hollandaise sauce, and a side order of crisp-fried Indian fry bread. Other tempting items include Breakfast Charlotta, which is a tortilla stuffed with potato hash and eggs, pork chile and polenta, huevos rancheros, pancakes, and French toast made from homemade bread.

Lisa and Brad Dalin, the proprietors, call their place “a tribute to the original cowboy camp cook as well as the Native American way of cooking on our Western Plains.” In keeping with that theme, décor includes Navajo rugs, Mexican tiles, and walls of stucco and wood; a tree-shaded outdoor patio offers the opportunity to dine al fresco in crisp mountain air.

NOTE: Breakfast is served only in the summer, until Labor Day.

What to Eat
Lisa’s, Corned Beef Hash
Corned Beef Hash
A must-eat for all corned beef hash aficionados, Lisa's version is made from bite-size hunks of well-spiced corned beef. The portion we received was enough for at least two good appetites.
Lisa’s, Puff Scrambles
Puff Scrambles
Scrambled eggs folded into delicate puff pastries and topped with hollandaise sauce. Plus jalapeno polenta.
Lisa’s, Fry Bread
Fry Bread
Indian fry bread has cognates all around the country, from Utah's scones to New Mexico's sopaipillas to New England's fried dough and malasadas. On any breakfast that comes with toast, you can ask for Indian fry bread in its place. It is warm and crisp-surfaced with a baking-powder smack. This is a small order as opposed to a full, plate-sized piece.
Lisa’s, French Toast
French Toast
The French toast at Lisa's is made with homemade bread and sprinkled with plenty of powdered sugar. As an added bonus, you are provided with three different flavors of syrup... maple, boysenberry and raspberry.
Directions and Hours
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Monday11am - 8pm
Tuesday11am - 8pm
Wednesday11am - 8pm
Thursday11am - 8pm
Friday11am - 9pm
Saturday11am - 9pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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