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The Westsider is a hamburger to reckon with! Two quarter-pound burger patties, good and greasy with crisp edges from the griddle, are each topped with melting orange cheese and piled between two buttery slices of Texas toast along with lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard, pickle chips and – on request – mayonnaise. It is a huge, unwieldy jumble of a sandwich, and reason enough to put the Linda-Mar Drive-In on the well-populated list of excellent burger joints in Tulsa.

Beyond good hamburgers, which also are available as triples, the Linda-Mar repertoire is notable for its jalapeno chicken (with lots of fried hot-pepper chips mixed in among boneless nuggets), available in a basket along with a cup of gravy and a serving of crinkle-cut French fries. The fries are nothing special, nor are the onion rings and fried okra. We suggest to anyone visiting Linda-Mar that appetite be directed exclusively to burgers (and maybe the chicken). Just so you know: there is not a salad or pseudo-healthful dish anywhere on the menu.

It’s a bright and happy place with a pop-culture vibe: NASCAR memorabilia everywhere, the “Andy Griffith Show” playing continuously on an overhead television.

(Linda-Mar Drive-In has a new, second location in Tulsa at 5941 E. Admiral Pl. 918-933-6360)

What to Eat
Linda-Mar Drive-In, Westsider
The Westsider in all its glory. Buttered and grilled-crisp Texas toast does a good job of holding together double patties and their flowing juices, double cheese, and all the fixins.
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Sunday11am - 8pm
Monday10:30am - 9pm
Tuesday10:30am - 9pm
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Friday10:30am - 9pm
Saturday10:30am - 9pm
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No state has more -- and more interesting -- different styles of hamburger than Oklahoma. El Reno, just west of Oklahoma City , is legendary for its onion-fried burgers; Tulsa is a burger Mecca, too. We're not talking about fancy-pants, overpriced burgers or silly-thick pub burgers, and we certainly don't mean chain restaurant burgers. Each…

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