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A while back in a thread here on, people were talking about foods we missed by not living in the area anymore, and a poster named ynotryme put me on to a place called Liehs and Steigerwald in Syracuse, NY. It’s a family run German meat market that has been around since 1936 (the original location is at 1857 Grant Boulevard in Syracuse, NY, phone: 315-474-2171). They have just about any meat you can think of. When one enters the store, the aroma of sauerkraut and sausages is incredible. It would be a great place to pack a cooler for a weekend in the woods. The staff are very helpful.

Two of their signature items are the “Pepperettes” (hot dried beef sausage) and the “Landjaeger” (mild dried beef sausage). Ynotryme said I had to try the Pepperettes. Think of them as Slim Jims, only about 10 times better. Pepperettes are hard on the outside and chewy on the inside, without the oily texture of some beef sticks. The heat is there right from the beginning, and builds up as you eat it, packing quite a punch by about halfway through. And yet, they are wickedly addictive; a great snack! The Landjaeger is terrific too. This is a milder stick seasoned with garlic and caraway. The Pepperette is the winner for me as I like ’em spicy.

Almost everything in the store is homemade: sauerkraut, brats, wursts, spiedies (the Central NY specialty of skewered pork, beef, or chicken soaked in a tangy vinegar marinade), perogies, German potato salad, cabbage rolls, and more meats and other specialties than I can list here. A great place to bring a cooler and pack up for the grilling season (all too short in Central NY), and a true carnivore’s dream.

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