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In 1922 pitmaster Leonard Heuberger created the pig sandwich: pulled pork on a bun, drenched with tangy sauce and embellished with cole slaw. Mr. Heuberger’s logo was a pig in top hat and tails, captioned “Mr. Brown Goes to Town,” which was a code that told how succulent his barbecue was. The outside of the meat, which gets dark and chewy as it cooks, is still known among old-time connoisseurs as “Mr. Brown”; the interior, which is soft but not as deeply flavored, is “Miss White.” If Mr. Brown goes to town, your sandwich has plenty of those outside chunks. Mr. Heuberger and his original smoke shack are gone, but you can still see his dapper neon pig strutting proudly above Leonard’s Pit Barbecue. Also on the premises, which are decorated to be reminiscent of a mid-century barbecue parlor, is a restored delivery truck from Leonard’s early days.

The barbecued pork on a pig sandwich is the Memphis gold standard, but Leonard’s cole slaw is something different. Made of finely chopped cabbage and mixed with sauce that has a mustard kick, the slaw is a fresh bright layer that brings out all the sweet and spicy qualities of the pork and sauce below it. BBQ beef and BBQ bologna sandwiches also are available, as are ribs and BBQ salad. Spaghetti dishes on the menu are available with marinara and/or BBQ sauce.

It is said that when Elvis got a craving for barbecue (a rare event; he was more a peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich man), Leonard’s was the place he went, and the pig sandwich is what he ate.

What to Eat
Leonard’s, pig sandwich
pig sandwich
With the delicious mustardy coleslaw on top, this is one of Memphis' great pork BBQ sandwiches.
Leonard’s, Lemon Ice Box Pie
Lemon Ice Box Pie
My waitress made it very clear that lemon ice box pie is the dessert of choice at Leonard's.
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Memphis is a bonanza of world-class barbecue, smoked and served in humble storefront shops as well as booming dinner halls. Anything and everything can be had barbecued in this city, from such oddities as barbecue salad and barbecue bologna to the delicate wonder of a Cozy Corner cornish hen. Ribs are the star attraction in…

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