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Lea’s Lunchroom is a true Southern classic

This restaurant is known for their pies and their “dough baked” hams. Baking the hams in dough adds to the flavor.  The salty and sweet meat is cut off the bones to make its way into various dishes. Lea’s is a community hang-out and one table even commemorates the spot where a local couple became engaged.

What should I eat at Lea’s Lunchroom?

The ham sandwich, in particular, is a standout and many people will pack them for lunch across the state. The cut of ham between the buns is liable to change from visit to visit.  The meat is chopped, sliced, chunked, or can be a combo of those three. No matter how they cut it, the meat is tender and flavorful and complimented with just enough mayo, chopped lettuce, tomato, and a pickle.

Do not miss the pie!

The pies are baked on the premises and harken back to a time when simplicity and hand-made goodness were taken for granted. Central Louisiana produces its fair share of pecans, so it is no surprise that the sweetly sweet and expertly crafted pecan pie stands as their most popular seller. However, when we asked which pie they would recommend if we could only eat one, they unflinchingly suggested the coconut. Good advice. Stacked with nearly four inches of the lightest meringue. The pie’s filling is a smooth and rich pudding-like concoction of coconutty goodness. Lea’s flaky pastry is perfect in every way.

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Directions & Hours

1810 U.S. Highway 71, Lecompte, LA , (Get Directions)

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What To Eat

Coconut Pie

Ham Sandwich

Pecan Pie

Baked Ham

Iced Tea

Blueberry Pie

Chocolate Pie


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