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Just North of Rochester, New York, is one of the finest steak sandwich shops around. Named after the first initials of the founder’s three children, the LDR Char Pit has been cutting its own beef since 1945.

While most steak sandwiches give you ultra-thin (shaved) beef cooked on top of a griddle, the Char Pit delivers a grilled, single slice of beef about one centimeter thick.

When you place your order the server will ask how you want your sandwich cooked. This isn’t to ask for toppings, he/she wants to know the degree of doneness. However you like it, they never miss the mark. I always order rare, and the grill master gives the meat literally thirty seconds on each side to cook. One flip, no pressing, and then it is placed on a soft round bun. The result is a seasoned, lean steak sandwich that is so tender that adding condiments would only downgrade the experience.

Seating is either counter stool service or a 1950’s style black vinyl booth. I prefer to eat at the counter where you can get the best vantage point for watching the grill master work his magic.

After polishing off your meal, be sure to head up the street for some creamy Abbott’s Custard.

What to Eat
LDR Char Pit, Steak Sandwich
Steak Sandwich
Like a backyard barbecue, the sandwich has the aroma and flavor of charcoal-grilling.
LDR Char Pit, Onion Rings and French Fries
Onion Rings and French Fries
We like the rings more than the fries.
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