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Do you find yourself in Canarsie or the Flatlands of Brooklyn looking for pounds of freshly made sausage? We’ve got just the place to find it: Landi’s (aka the Brooklyn Pork Store), a neighborhood fixture since 1928.

From the sidewalk on Avenue N, you can look through the front windows and see beautiful sausages being made at spanking-clean silver machines; and once you step inside, you are in Italian-food heaven. Foremost among the delights on display atop the butcher’s cases are pyramids of Landi’s own soppresatta, which is the hard, garlicky salami that is essential for any serious antipasto tray. Also arrayed atop the glass are rows of fresh mozzarella – pure white, creamy rounds just begging to be sliced thin or grated for the top of a homemade pizza. Of course, the inventory also includes cappicollo, proscuitto, mortadella, and various pepperonis.

We came home with all kinds of Landi’s sausage – hot, sweet, fennel, cheese-and-parsley filled – as well as pints and quarts of spaghetti sauce in varieties that included fresh tomato and basil, white clam, marinara, and Bolognese. And there are cases full of Italian cheeses, shelves of bread, olives, peppers, etc., etc.

Landi’s is a grocery – a pork store to be precise – and there is no place here to eat. Note, however, that Landi’s does cater and has a full menu of party sandwiches and specialty heroes from two to six feet long, hot buffet items that include bowtie noodles with broccoli rabe and rigatoni with proscuitto sauce, and cold antipasto trays for eaters by the dozen.

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Diane Sanfilippo

April 25th, 2006

My mother and I made a special trip out to Landi’s as I had heard about it from a coworker. After making the 30 minute drive out to Brooklyn, we were happy to enter a store where everything looked appetizing and amazing. The store was really clean and well organized. The mini shopping carts were perfect for navigating the store.

We ordered sandwiches of eggplant parm and grilled chicken with roasted peppers, and some mixed olives. The bread was crusty but not so hard that it hurt to chew. The sandwiches had generous portions of the ingredients and were huge! We also picked up some breaded eggplant slices, three kinds of sauce (tomato basil, bolognese and vodka sauce), sweet potato pie, sweet Italian pork sausage links, sausage patties (one pork and one chicken), and stuffed eggplant with ricotta and sauce. I can’t believe how much the food tastes like what my dad makes. The sauce is sweet and divine, not bitter or over spiced. You must try it!

As an East Coast transplant to San Francisco, I am thrilled to be able to order great Italian food from Landi’s online. It’s so much easier than slaving for a weekend to attempt to cook it myself, only to come up short. Landi’s food is just too good.



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