La Teresita

One of the best

“Strong enough to make the rooster crow” is how one nearby La Teresita regular narrated the arrival of small cups of inky espresso to our place at La Teresita’s counter one Saturday morning in West Tampa. It is powerful brew, with enough body to deliver a wallop even when you order it con leche. In the morning on the weekends (La Teresita doesn’t open until lunchtime on weekdays) many customers sit at this counter with their newspaper (in Spanish or English) and drink cups of con leche with lengths of toasted and buttered Cuban bread. It is elegant bread – crisp with fluffy insides – and needs nothing more than butter to attain a certain simple perfection. With coffee, it is a great breakfast.

At lunch and supper seven days a week, the long tubes of bread become the foundation for wonderful Cuban sandwiches of roast pork, and shorter lengths are served alongside huge portions of such Latin specialties as bistec palomilla (sirloin steak, thinly sliced, pan fried and served with yellow rice), chicken with yellow rice and black beans, and ropa vieja, a beef roast cooked so long in a spicy tomato sauce that the meat falls apart when you lift it from the plate with a fork.

There are tables at La Teresita, but the choice seats (and swift service) is at the counters. Seats are arrayed along a sweeping serpentine surface where whole families line up on the rows of stools at dinnertime.

What to Eat
La Teresita, Cafe con Leche
Cafe con Leche
The breakfast beverage of choice is the powerful café con leche.
La Teresita, Puerco Asada
Puerco Asada
The Puerco asado is ultra-garlicky!
La Teresita, Media Noche
Media Noche
La Teresita's 'midnight' sandwich consists of pork, ham, cheese, mustard, lettuce and tart tomatoes on grilled Cuban bread.
La Teresita, Mamey Batida
Mamey Batida
Popular in Cuban restaurants, the mamey batida will remind of a not too sweet milkshake.
Cuban sandwich
ropa vieja
Vaca Frita
Banana Flan
Cuban Bread
La Teresita, Sopa de Pollo
Sopa de Pollo
The sopa de pollo has soft, buttery noodles and plenty of chopped up chunks of chicken.
La Teresita, Flan
The vanilla flan is soft and rich.
La Teresita, Rice
Bright yellow rice comes with most meals.
Directions and Hours
open now
Sunday6am - 9pm
Monday6am - 9pm
Tuesday6am - 9pm
Wednesday6am - 9pm
Thursday6am - 9pm
Friday6am - 12am
Saturday6am - 12am
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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