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Great Mexican food is where you find it, but sometimes it is found a bit farther north than you would expect. A case in point is La Comida, located up in Cody, Wyoming. Cody is one of the two gateway cities to the wonders of the huge mountain juncture located in the northwestern section of Wyoming (Jackson is the other). Within this juncture are contained Yellowstone Park, Grand Teton Park, the Shoshone National Forest, and the Targhee National Forest. Cody sits at the foot of the Absaroka Mountains, one of several ranges, which intersect in this area and make it so unique.

The food at La Comida is good, and the portions are ample. We sampled a variety of things, and had no complaints. I have never left this place hungry, and was having difficulty finishing my meal on this visit. My two companions were also quite full, and quite satisfied with their meals. Actually, this had been my third visit to La Comida, but this time I had the wit to bring a camera.

There is, besides the patio, indoor dining, but the breezy days and sunshine make sitting under the awning of the patio the preferred place to be. La Comida is a full-service restaurant, with a full bar inside. Though I did not sample any of the drinks, my brother did, declaring his margarita to be good enough to justify ordering a second. The service was very good on every visit.

In order to do full justice to this establishment, I have to say that there is also a pretty wide selection of fancy dishes served here. We all ordered basic, stereotypical Mexican food this time around, but on previous visits, I have sampled some examples of high Mexican cuisine. They do some excellent things here with chicken and beef, but particularly with pork. If you are looking for something a bit fancier, do not pass this place by, thinking that it is nothing but tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.

Prices are reasonable, particularly considering the portion sizes, and the place is open until late in the evening, when it becomes one of the local watering holes. This is a good place to stop and fortify yourself for the trip across the mountains to Yellowstone. Cody is a pretty nice place in its own right, and you might find yourself staying here for a few days to take in the nightly rodeo (Stampede Park hosts one of the biggest real rodeos in the country) and the mountain air.

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Bill Walsh

December 26th, 2006

Based on some favorable mention here and my wife’s vaguely favorable memories from her 1992 time in Cody, we stopped at La Comida on a 2006 visit. Big mistake. If this place was ever worthy of the Roadfood imprimatur, it no longer is.

I was going to order the chile relleno, but I stopped myself when I noticed the menu’s “our version of the classic” line. Apparently a chile relleno at La Comida involves a wonton wrapper. So I got a chicken chimichanga, something that even the most gringo-ized “Mexican” restaurant should be able to pull off. My wife was in the mood for the same thing, though I opted to get mine with green chile sauce for an extra dollar.

The orders came, and they were identical: both with green chile sauce. Fine. We cut into the chimis and found that the filling was not plain chicken or the sort of sauced chicken you would expect in a burrito, but rather a white-sauced stew of the sort that is supposed to be exclusive to “suiza” enchiladas.

This is not exactly a significant sampling of the menu, of course, but it’s a bad enough sign for me to recommend that serious Roadfooders steer clear (the newer place across the street bills itself as serving “New Mexico-style” Mexican food, which sounds intriguing enough to merit a try).


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