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Review by: Audrey Stocker


Hidden away from the hustle bustle of central Capitol Hill, Kurt Farm Shop is a small treasure among the numerous eateries of the area. Wandering down the brickstone alleyway of Chophouse Row, lit by twinkling hanging lights, the serene mood of the farm-to-table ice cream shop really shines through. At first glance of the shop’s interior, you are greeted by the backside of a cow, a strange glance into the local, Washingtonian feel of Kurt Farm Shop. The walk-up area is tiny in size, but big in heart, as the quirky flavors of ice cream make a real statement about the uniqueness of Kurt’s.

Overwhelmed by the flavor choices, with options from salted plum to tomato jam, I go with the Raspberry Swirl and seasonal Blackberry. Although the ice cream scoops are not incredibly generous in size, the creamy, full flavors make up for the modest portion. As I take my first lick I’m surprised by the decadent raspberry taste that really shines through in just one bite. I take my second bite and savor its sublime decadence. After relishing those first few bites, I speedily devour the remainder of the creamy goodness. Satisfied, I began planning my next visit to this grand ice cream shop.

Also available for purchase are local cheeses from dairy products produced at Kurtwood Farms, located on Vashon Island. Although I did not get the chance to try one of these cheeses, I will be returning in the near future to have a taste (and probably get another scoop of ice cream while I’m there… because, why not?).

Kurt Farm Shop is open from 11am-10pm everyday. The ice cream flavor menu changes from month to month, but staples such as the Flora’s Cheese, Jersey Cream and Karamel are always available and are great go-to choices.

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