Kreuz Market

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Worth driving from anywhere!

Kreuz (rhymes with bites) started as a downtown meat market over a century ago, and it was one of the places that defined Texas barbecue. Several years ago, owing to a complicated family feud, it moved out of town (from the place that is now Smitty’s) to an immense roadside dining barn with all the charm of an airplane hangar.

So, it lacks the ramshackle feel of a good old Texas pit. But the meats made here are among the very best. Kreuz’s pit-cooked prime rib just might be the carnivorously satisfying foodstuff on earth. Brisket, sausage, and ribs are all superb. Despite its modern facilities, Kreuz has maintained pit-cook tradition: a limited menu that is meat, bread, and condiments (plus ice cream cones at a separate counter); and tote-your-own service from a ferociously hot pit where meat is sliced to order and sold by the pound.

What to Eat
Kreuz Market, smoked prime rib
smoked prime rib
There isn't a cut of meat on earth more succulent than Kreuz's smoke-laced prime rib. The flavor is dizzying, and it fairly oozes natural juices onto the butcher paper on which it is served.
Kreuz Market, Pit Ham
Pit Ham
Pit-cooked ham, a weekend special at Kreuz, isn't as oozingly juicy as beef, but if you like ham, it's a version you mustn't miss.
Kreuz Market, brisket
The brisket is perfect. The excellent sweet and smoky ham is still ham, not barbecue. Change of pace food only, in our opinion.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday10:30am - 6pm
Monday10:30am - 8pm
Tuesday10:30am - 8pm
Wednesday10:30am - 8pm
Thursday10:30am - 8pm
Friday10:30am - 8pm
Saturday10:30am - 8pm
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Lunch, Dinner
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